Johanna-Elisabeth Klisan is born in 1984 in Wetzlar where she also lives with her husband Adrian Klisan. In her childhood Johanna spent a lot of time in the material store of her mother and already made at the age of 14 years her first, own tournament dress. After the successful craft sartorial education she realised her dream of a own Atelier.

Adrian Klisan is born in 1980 in Merseburg. After Abitur and sports study he also discovered the passion of the sartorial art and finished the tailor's education.

In 2011 they got married in the cathedral to Wetzlar.

After more than 25 years of competition dancing, Adrian and Johanna celebrated their biggest success in november 2013 with the at the worldchampionship in classic showdance ballroom.


Profit from a great package with Atelier JOISA. By the long-standing experience as a professional dancers Johanna and Adrian know what is important on the floor.


Consult by vice world champions!